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  • Warm Congratulations to Click Technology Landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

    On December 22, Shenzhen Click Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Click) on China's capital market, listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange board success.


  • Devoted You Me, Passion Game Leading Edge

    Autumn in September, enrage bright day high, for the inheritance and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture and enrich employees' holiday life, sponsored by the company management center "The double ninth festival climb, Promoting to a higher position" activity, held in the Phoenix Mountain Forest Park on October 22.


  • The World So Big, Set Our Strategy Map

    Busy in May, but Gu Jiye, Click transformer division general manager and power supply division general manager Zhou Mingliang led the elite of R&D and market began a new journey of international market trends survey again, this research in mainland Europe and the United States, for the company strategic planning layout provides the cutting edge of decision-making basis.