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Corporate CultureCorporate Culture

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1、 Company vision
    Become the industry leader of Magnetic Components and Power Supply solutions. 

2、 Company mission  
    Provide green energy products, create a better life. 

3、 Core values
    Customer focus, Based on strivers, Insist on criticism and self-criticism 
    Do your best, never give up

4、 Business policy 
    Keep up with the market and product changes, establish professional technology and management team, maintain good cooperation with customers and suppliers, win customers with fast response, high quality service, continuous innovation and cost reduction, and be responsible for customers, employees and shareholders with integrity, stability and high income. 

5、 Quality policy: 
    Customer focus, keep leading technology; implement continuous improvement principle; provide high quality, environmental-protection and safe products and services. 

6、 Environmental policy: 
    Abide by environmental protection laws and regulations and other requirements, advocate environmental protection awareness and produce environmental protection products, implement the principle of prevention first and continuous improvement, and contribute to the protection of the earth's environment and the construction of an environment-friendly and resource-saving society. 

7、 Occupational safety and health policy: 
    Safety production, According to the rules and regulations; prevention first, pay attention to health.