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        Shenzhen can Like Technology Co., Ltd.    


        Founded in 1995, it is listed in the year 2015 (stock code 002782) and is a leading global supplier of magnetic components and power technology solutions. We have accumulated core design R & D and manufacturing technology advantages in the field of transformers, magnetic components and switching power supply, providing competitive magnetic components and power products for industry customers.    


        We focus on continuous research and development and production technology investment in the industry has achieved good results, compound annual growth of more than 15%. Based on long-term hard work, products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, 70% of products exported to Europe and the United States, Australia, South America and Asia and other countries and regions. And in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai and other places to establish a branch structure, the establishment of a wider range of global innovation cooperation and customer service. We focus on R & D team building and knowledge accumulation, the company reached 500 technical staff, the cumulative nearly 100 technical patents; companies adhere to the road of science and technology enterprises, has access to high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City and Guangdong famous brand.    


        We have long-term development of technology and production infrastructure: At present, there are dozens of power products manufacturing lines and more than 100 pieces of magnetic components production lines, with an annual output of more than 35 million power, more than 160 million magnetic devices production (Including EMI, EMS, HALT vibration, etc.); the company has 130,000 square meters of industrial parks, to meet the future expansion of hundreds of production lines need to meet the needs of the development of a large number of modern power supply verification and testing laboratories    

        Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of survival, and is the reason why customers choose to stand. We maintain the "go all out, never slack!" Customer service, adhere to the customer requirements and expectations accurately passed to all aspects of the product, respect for the rules of the process, and jointly build quality.    


        We play a team and personal potential, continuously improve our capabilities, and balance our opportunities and risks with our customers, respond quickly to customer needs, and promise to deliver high quality products, services and solutions to our customers, create value for each customer, and achieve sustainable development The