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  • Six Diligence, Deliver Love Go Out--Record Transformer Manufacturing Center Internal Training

    From October 22 to 23, 2016, Shenzhen Click be made for the first time "the six diligence" internal training in the conference room of HaoJie Hotel. Come from the transformer manufacturing center in Shenzhen more than two hundred employees attended.

  • Devoted You Me, Passion Game Leading Edge

    Autumn in September, enrage bright day high, for the inheritance and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture and enrich employees' holiday life, the company management center hold activity on Oct 22 in the Phoenix Mountain Forest Park.

  • Busy Weekend, Click Hold Visual 5S Training

    ​On October 11th (Sunday), according to "post-holiday syndrome" recovery period, National Day holiday to return to work after the first weekend would be a rare time to rest.

  • Click Employees Theme Birthday Party

    On the evening of July 1 2015, Huizhou Click Technology of the human resources department invited each department leadership together to celebrate birthday of June for 30 birthday staff. Romantic evening together, has a warm and touching!