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Six Diligence, Deliver Love Go Out--Record Transformer Manufacturing Center Internal Training

Kazuo inamori old man once said: "the six diligence is one of the most important in everyone life practice, is the basic conditions of doing business must improve enterprise. At the same time, it is also we have a good life must abide by the terms of the most basic. If we can continue to practice every day, our life will be more beautiful, beautiful degree will exceed our ability and imagination. In fact, that's my life."

From October 22 to 23, 2016, Shenzhen Click  be made for the first time "the six diligence" internal training in the conference room of HaoJie Hotel. Come from the transformer manufacturing center in Shenzhen more than two hundred employees attended the training.                                                              


The training invited Yingde Click GM Weng  and Yuan Hui, Shenzhen Click Hou Chusheng to do training lecturer for us. So strong lecturer team the training laid a solid foundation for us. 18 volunteers engineering long hard work, for the smooth development in the whole training provides a strong guarantee, because of their patient guidance and silently pays, students quickly enter the status, the training has obtained the good effect.


Two days of the course training instructors combined business philosophy of Kazuo inamori, traditional Chinese classic together well, through the way of teaching, experience, interaction, in every life planted the seeds of Kazuo inamori business philosophy and national classic. And in a special way to make it begins to take root, sprout, blossom continue to bear fruit. Students have expressed full harvest.


The whole course in the form of group PK. Finally, 2ed groups of good others take as much as anyone, won the champion.


In dinner, transformer division general manager Mis. Gu make more than two hundred families have benefited a lot from. At first, Mis Gu given high praise to the training, and the encourage all staff content heart double happiness has long been available for Click's vision, love and care for employees, contribution to society is Click essential business goals.


Next, let's look at the students gain and share together!

Spiritual rebirth--Wang Yonglan

Through this study, learn a lot of: effort, modesty, reflection, thank you, goodwill behavior, Help others, don't have emotional troubles, learning the feeling after come back too late, understand too late, think before you lived in decades.

"Six diligence"  no matter in the study, work, teaching child, or a marriage and family, as long as the heart can benefit. Learning after you come back, I will send the "six diligence" to classmate group, so good thing must be shared with everybody, let more people benefit. Love a person, love to return to , pass the positive energy is a kind of love. I hope I can this way all around family infection, although the training is only a short two days, but enough to make me benefit one lifetime.


Gratitude and Responsibility--Optimistic 2ed, Wei Jili

After two days of training, let I harvest, full to my later work and life have very big help.
        First, we need to learn in the process of paying to experience and feelings, to realize something, so you is getting closer and closer to success will be.Behind success we also don't forget to be grateful, grateful that we silently to pay for the parents, brothers, friends, colleagues, etc. They are our fault tolerance and guidance, to help us, we have today's harvest.
        Second to take responsibility. If a person is not willing to responsible for their own small home, how can the responsible to the people, that he may not responsible for the company, society and country. Someone said that the responsibility is a burden, you abandon it, afraid of it, it is a burden to you. But when you put it on the shoulder, it will be your motivation, become to protect your armour, as your soul.



Unity is power to overcome all difficulties-- modest 3rd group, Cui Kaixiong

Through two days of training, make me think deeply and benefit, as Yuan Hui teacher said: Better when going than when coming. Which let me the deepest impression is the video of migrating geese, the wild goose in order to survive, the whole team has to over mountains, flying snow, across the ocean, struggled, toward their goals fly away. Lives and works in Click's extended family, make me more feel the importance of team, the force of unity is huge, can only make more energy more united.


Volunteers speech:

 The manager's responsibility--Deng Jianguo

        The training, I'm modest 3rd groups volunteers, watch the shocking video "death crawl let me to each team member is very good again, can play to their potential to get incisively and vividly, can let each member of the potential release, is very important to the coach, the coach's guidance, motivation, calling is very important.
        I didn't bring my team to deep reflection, not the employee is not good, but I don't have the right to guide, to motivate and to inspire. In the future work, I not only want to lead by example, governs incorruptibly, daily practice six diligence, more should pay attention to team construction, to lead, to inspire team members constantly practice six diligence, make each member is outstanding, inspire the potential of each member and make the team more powerful every day.



Thanks to every one of my life--Luo Xuanguo

        Although don't lear with family together, comprehension, but as a logistics volunteers are still full of harvest, seen from the two days of study the change of the family from the inside out, feel the exhilaration of family heart, learned six diligence of great wisdom.
        The six diligence is more like a mirror, in the life and work against each of six diligence, I found that there are a lot of places can go to improve. Here, I want to thank each and every family can make me feel warmth of Click Technology, is you gave me again an opportunity for growth and breakthrough, so that I promoted a step in the spiritual life. Thanks to every one of those people that appear in my life, is your tolerance understanding support me again and again, constantly give me guide the road ahead; As long as live I will always think of Thanksgiving heart in the body.


Pay out is also a kind of happiness--Yang Cunfeng

From 21st date coming for volunteer training again typhoon, until the evening to the hotel to arrange meeting venue, then to date 22, 23 this two days to lead the team, every day from dawn. Although very hard, but I am very happy, feel very enrichment. Looked at his students from the beginning of lax attitude, then the experience every link, and to understand somewhat, I feel all pay are worth it.


Finally, let us remember the "six diligence" again!

As much as anyone's effort
Be modest, not proud
Every day to reflect
Alive, be about to thank
Accumulation of good deeds, to think for others

Don't have emotional troubles